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Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital

by Chris Bevolo

Hospital and health system marketers are under unprecedented pressure to demonstrate results while facing dramatic changes in their industry. To meet these challenges, marketers must break from the past and move their marketing strategies forward in new and better ways. In this book, recognized change agent Chris Bevolo issues healthcare marketers a call to arms to transform healthcare marketing, while providing an arsenal of ideas, techniques and tactics they can use to position their organizations for success.
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Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success

by Ken Segall

To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. He built a company based on its principles, in which the complexities of traditional business were simply not tolerated. Simplicity was also his most powerful weapon—a means of humbling category leaders once thought to be invincible.

Insanely Simple is a fascinating read for anyone curious about life in Steve Jobs’s world. It’s an even more compelling read for anyone who wishes to leverage the power of Simplicity to propel their own organization—or their own career. In this book, Ken Segall explains the ten elements of Simplicity that drive Apple’s success, illustrating each with previously untold stories. It takes you inside Steve Jobs’s world to show you how he enforced the rules of Simplicity—sometimes with humor, sometimes with brutality, but always with amazing success.
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